The Olympics

CLIENT - London Marquee Flooring
VALUE - £60,000

The Olympics

London Marquee Flooring were providing marquees and flooring for the London Olympics and were looking for somebody to supply them with £60,000 worth of plywood.


time constraints, security


communication, organisation


communication, relationships, organisation


“It’s all about communication; we take the stress away where possible – we are the organisers and orchestrators”

James Baker (Managing Director)


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As it was The Olympics, the security on this project was unlike anything I had ever seen, nobody else wanted to touch this project due to the long list of specific delivery criteria, such as:

The lorry could only carry product for that one delivery
The lorry had to be fully packed

I actually had to phone them back informing them that they were three packs light from a full lorry, and extra bags needed to be added on to ensure a safe delivery.

The lorry driver had to have 2 forms of ID to hand and arrive within a specified time frame to Site A. The lorry and driver were then extensively searched by security, after which they were given an hour to an hour and a half to travel from Site A to Site B, where they were then searched again and able to off-load the materials.

We managed to pass all the checks and unloaded with no issues at all. This was a type of merchant job that others don’t like to get involved in as it can be extremely complicated and stressful, which is where we step in. 

It’s all about communication; we take the stress away where possible – we are the organisers and ‘puppet-masters’. Once we purchase the materials, the contractor lets us know the delivery criteria. We then facilitate this to our supplier, expressing what we need and what needs to be done.

It benefits both companies to communicate through us rather than directly, as we are able to take that aspect of the job away from them. Who knows what the contractor or builder is going through? They may have a long list of more important things to do on-site, which is when they phone us. We deal with projects in a professional, courteous manner and get the job done. Any issues that come up, we’re on and get everything sorted!


We don’t get phased by strict criterias, we’re well aware of the demand and we deal with these on a daily basis. More often than not, people don’t tell you a problem that’s right in front of them. It’s so easy to just not deal with some things because it’s not easy or nice, which is where we step in.