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When it comes to all things Civils & Muckaways, Wainwright Direct have it covered.  We have a large portfolio of partners we source from, including; ACO Drainage Systems, Brett Plastics, Keyline, Lemon Groundworks, Marshalls, Osma, Polypipe, Rainham Steel, Scott Parnell and Van De Mortaal, to name but a few.

Making Space

The construction term ‘Muck Aways’ covers many different elements of waste management and cleaning a site. In principle, it’s the removal of muck from a site to make way for groundworks programs and to accommodate new aggregates being delivered. But there are many things to consider, for example; has the ground been analysed, is it clean earth, perhaps it’s the removal of existing Ballast, is it contaminated?

When it comes to removal, dependent on what type of material is coming out the ground, will determine how much is will cost per load. Remember, as you come out of the ground, you are likely to be filling the space and placing all of your plastic or clay drainage. Then you add your aggregate (sand and shingle) to protect the pipes from any movement, breakage or bending too much.

Building your Ground Infrastructure

Once you have begun laying your drainage, you’ll then be building manholes coming up to the top of the ground where you’ll have your ‘rodding points’. These Rodding Points are in position in case you get any blockages, so you can easily gain access to clear any excess muck. Dependent on the size of your project, larger manholes may be planted, so people can climb down to access the pipes.

Another crucial Civils product is ‘Soak Aways’. Essential, Soak Aways are large concrete rings, with small holes that help the ground drain into a small well with what’s known as a ‘biscuit’ (a concrete lid & manhole cover) placed on top.

These days, permeable concrete designed to let water through is a contractual requirement. In years gone by, this was a big issue, with many pathed driveways taking on water, with nowhere to go, causing many local councils on told problems. All the sub-structure and geo-technical membranes and aggregates need to perform ground movement checks under the tree protection order (TPO), and everything must avoid ground upheaval.

Additional considerations might be; Street Furniture, which can be any from Dustbins to Cycle Racks, or Soak Away Crates to Canopies.

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A-Z Civils & Muck Aways


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