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Looking for Blocks, Bricks and Tiles? Look no further! At Wainwright Direct we work with most known brands, such as; Aggregate Industries / Celcon / Forterra / HG Matthews / Ibstock / Imperial Brick Co. / Manchester Brick / Michelmersh / Plasmor / Thermalite / Traditional Brick & Stone / Vanedersanden / Weinerberger

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When it comes to all things Blocks, Bricks & Tiles, there’s a lot of things to know.  So let’s start with the basics; Block or Brick?  On the face of it, it’s simply a case of size and shape, Blocks are bigger and their weight is less due to their composition which are usually made from aggregate.  They come in ‘solid or hollow’ form and are mostly used as load-bearing structures.  

Bricks however are usually smaller, heavier and more compact.  Whether they are Clay, Sand Lime or even engineering bricks, their versatility for general build and load-bearing construction purposes is widely used.  As many people know in the industry, Bricks are currently on ‘allocation’, and with waiting lists of over 40 weeks, this is making them extremely difficult to secure, but at Wainwright Direct we can source pretty much everything, from anywhere.

Bricks and blocks are sourced from all over the world, with many manufactured here in the UK.  There’s still a high demand for importing bricks, blocks and tiles from overseas from territories such as Europe, Middle East and Turkey.  A high percentage of stone, granite and marble originates from India and the Middle East.

Tiles are also made from various different materials, from Slate, Concrete and Clay to Man-made, Wooden, Shingles and even Wooden tiles.  Known by their distinctive ‘S’-shape’ and thickness, Pan Tiles are used for lower pitched roofs, with many being manufactured in France and Turkey.

With many house extensions being developed, continuity is a big challenge, which is why there’s a high demand for second-hand tiles, often used to ‘match’ existing tiles and bricks to keep up the aesthetics appeal.

As a rule, most Bricks and Blocks have an A1 fire rating.

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Ordering from Wainwright Direct is easy, just give us a call on 01494 863 872, email a file of your building plans, and we’ll take care of the rest.


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