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At Wainwright Direct we have a large collection of Timber solutions for all your construction and renovation projects. Working with leading brands from Arbor Forest Products, Brook Bros and Falcon Panel Products to Premier Forest Products, The Timber Group and also the Timber Trade Federation, we have partners across the entire timber material sector.


Know what you need?

Timber comes in many different forms, and is still one of the main materials used in the construction industry today. There are 3 main types of wood that are regularly used; Soft Wood, Hard Wood, and Engineered Wood. So ‘what’s the best wood for my job?’ you may ask. Let’s delve deeper:

Softwood has many uses, and most prevalent for internal usage is what’s known as Dimensional SPF Lumber (Spruce, Pine & Fir). These are commonly used for structural, framing purposes, such as Trusses and posi-joists. Conversely, softwoods such as Cedar and Redwood are more heavily used for external applications, like; outdoor furniture, fencing and decking.

Hardwood may be used slightly less than its softwood and engineered wood counterparts, but the distinct graining effect and elegant patterns are beautiful on the eye. Because hardwoods are generally more decorative, they can be used externally for porches and gate-posts, and used in joinery projects, parquet flooring, and internal furniture. If you have a conservation project, Oak is often used.

Engineered wood probably has the most versatile usage in construction. Known for its strength, and its value, graded structural timber, sawn carcasses, CLS timber, internal timber, specialist veneers and treated timber will be used in; flooring, walls, ceilings & roofing panels. Engineered wood has a greater ability to withstand heat and fire because of the way it is formed, and is also referenced as either C16 or C24 grade. C16 is very versatile and robust with a high density, but overall it is less expensive because it allows for more defects than C24 grade. C24 is also heavily used throughout build projects, but it’s known more for its quality, appearance and superior strength.

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What types of timber products do we Supply?

We find that the majority of our clients know exactly the timber they require for their projects, but in our many years working in this industry, it’s always good to keep your options open. Below is a list of the different types of woods:


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