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Our range of Timber, Joists & Trusses is vast, and we work with some of the worlds leading manufacturers for roofing solutions. With name such as; Crendon Timber Engineering, Donaldson Timber Engineering, Harmony Timber, Pasquill (Saint Gobian) & Solent Roof Trusses, we’ve literally got everything under one roof.

Let’s Talk About Joists

In the most part, joists are formed from engineered timber (posi Joists are a mixture of laminated timber and metal webbing, and I-Joists are layers of timber that are heavily compressed and glued together. When plywood is fused togerher it can carry immense strength. Glued and Beams are typically used for large-scale expansion roofs (large halls, etc).

Posi-Joists tend to be more expensive, especially as they are made to order. However, because of their heightened strength, there can be cost-saving benefits on projects overall.

Let’s Talk About Trusses

Trusses are generally manufactured from ‘high quality’ TR26 stress graded timber (exclusive to the Trussed Rafter Industry). Here at Wainwright Direct, when we send the plans off, the designs need to check ‘loadings’ and to cater for what type of tiles might be used for any roofing development. Trusses tend to use C24 (top grade of soft wood), reduces any defects, etc.

Trusses are bought to spec and made to order, which is certainly the most cost-effective method. Typically, all we need are the designs of your development, and then we’re able to come back to you with the drawings of the trusses themselves, which are then approved by you before we make to order.

Know What You Need?

Dependent on the geographical location of your development, and the exposure of your property to the elements, will determine the best Posi-Joists & Trusses Solutions. For example, even snow deflection needs to be considered to cater for any extreme weight. Or, if a property is especially susceptible to high winds, we must consider how the trusses are tied-in to the overall structure. Here at Wainwrigth’s, we have all ‘Specialist Programs’ covered, as we’re able to work off the plan to fully calculate both lead-time and price.

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What type of Products do we supply?


Ordering from Wainwright Direct is easy, just give us a call on 01494 863 872, email a file of your building plans, and we’ll take care of the rest.


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