Our Industry’s Worker Shortage

Over a Quarter of a Million Construction Workers Needed by 2026

nick baker - owner & managing director

According to a Construction Skills Network report, 266,000 new construction workers will need to be recruited over the next four years in order to meet demand. Construction is one of the fastest growing industries with robust growth predicted until 2026.

Construction jobs are some of the best in the world. They provide a way for people to build their own futures, have a positive impact on the community, and take pride in what they do. However, it’s not always easy to find qualified candidates with construction experience who can meet your needs as an employer.

The skills gap is one of the primary reasons that the industry is facing a shortage of talent. This problem isn’t just affecting construction—it’s also plaguing other industries like healthcare and manufacturing, which have to hire workers with specific skills.

The skills gap isn’t just about a lack of workers with the right skills; it’s also about a lack of workers with the right attitude. Reports claim that many skilled labourers who are working in other fields don’t want to move into construction because they think it will be too hard or dirty for them.

An aging workforce also plays a role in today’s construction worker shortage. The average age of construction workers is higher than the average age of workers in other industries, but more importantly, the rate of retirement is exceeding the rate of younger workers joining the industry.

While construction projects will drive demand, there is a critical shortage of skilled workers. In order to recruit and retain skilled workers, employers will need to evaluate their businesses and find ways to compete.

Luckily, social media platforms like LinkedIn have made it easy for companies to reach out directly to potential hires and get their attention through posts that show off their culture or highlight some aspect of what they do on a day-to-day basis. Job boards have also become increasingly accessible through mobile apps that allow candidates to apply while on the go.

In addition, referrals from past employees who’ve worked with you may be able to help point you towards other people who might want similar jobs at other companies as well – meaning there’s no shortage when it comes to helping each other out!



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