Is This Winter the Time to Start Your Self-Build?

3 Reasons Why Winter Could Be the Optimum Time for a Self-Build

nick baker - owner & managing director

As a Building Suppliers Merchant, we speak to a lot of our clients about their upcoming building plans, and have noticed a pattern: Winter months are actually one of their favourite times to build. That’s right—I’m not talking about building during the summer when there’s no rain and the days are long. I’m talking about building in the winter months when it’s cold and dark outside.

1. The ground freezes, which helps with foundations and excavations.
Freezing temperatures make the ground firmer and easier to work with; when the ground freezes, it becomes harder and therefore more stable. You may also find that you can dig deeper than you would in summer, which means a longer-lasting structure with better stability.
Frozen water drains quickly from any excavations, so there’s less risk of water seeping through and ruining foundations or walls later on when they’re built up again.

2. Less daylight means more darkness, so fewer noise complaints.
The lack of daylight means you will likely get fewer noise complaints, as it’s easier for neighbours to see what you are doing during daylight hours! With the reduction of people on the streets and the lessening of visibility for any nosey neighbours, unwarranted noise complaints shouldn’t be an issue.

3. Lower demand, better availability.
Winter is a quieter time for the industry, meaning that where you do need a contractor’s input, they will be relatively easy to find – making it easier for you to get things done sooner rather than later!

So, why is winter the perfect time to build your house? Well, there are many reasons and we’ve just covered a few. But if you want to know more about self-builds in winter, then get in touch with us today!



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